Weekly Log 5/22 – 5/28

Totals: 30.77 miles running, 16.24 miles cycling

After reflecting on my Brooklyn Half result, a big mistake I made leading up to the race was not training with enough consistency, specificity, and, frankly, volume. I’m fairly satisfied with the result, but I know my training left time on the course.

In an attempt to rectify that, I decided to target a 10K on August 12 as my summer goal race. In Faster Road Racing: 5K to Half Marathon by Pete Pftizinger and Philip Latter, the 10K training plans are a full 12 weeks. August 12th fits into that schedule perfectly. After the racing, I was hoping to start my 10K training plan and move right into week 1. The combination of the Brooklyn Half, and the first PPTC Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5K on Wednesday night foiled my plans. This week it was a struggle to get up to 30 miles. Looking particularly at Monday, Thursday, and Friday my legs were just dead. In an attempt to put my legs back into working order, I did token short, short runs Saturday and Sunday, and will start the 10K training plan with 11 weeks remaining.

I’m confident that with consistent training, and and a commitment to following the plan I’ll be able to make some great gains in my fitness.

Dailies from last week’s recovery week:

Monday: 2.07 with a stop at the produce stand for dinner ingredients. 8:31 average pace

Tuesday: 3.07 mostly easy. 8:25 average pace

Wednesday: AM 1.7 really easy. 8:49 average pace. PM 3.11 warmup for PPTC Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5K. 8:24 average pace + Race: 20:29 official time (watch measured 3.09 6:39 pace) + 2.85 (8:50 pace) cooldown. The cooldown was absolutely brutal. I had no juice left

Thursday: 6.1 with a number of stops. Low, low energy, and pace too fast. 8:26 average pace

Friday: 6.15. Again low, low energy. Pace too fast, not great nutrition through the day. 8:22 average pace.

Saturday: 1.3 at an 8:15 pace. Only did this run to keep a streak going.

Sunday: 1.33 at an 8:22 pace. Almost missed the run after a walk turned into day drinking, and an early bedtime. Got out the door at 11:55pm.  


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