Weekly Log 5/29 – 6/4

Totals: 41.87 miles running, 28.48 miles cycling.

This week marked 11 weeks until my goal 10K race. As such, I attempted to conscientiously follow the plan for “medium-mileage” runners provided in Faster Road Racing. I added a short shakeout in place of Monday’s rest day, and switched Thursday’s endurance run with Friday’s recovery run. Saturday we ended up going hiking in Peekskill, NY. This necessitated a rest day. In order to keep up, I did Saturday’s run Sunday, and will complete the week’s long run today.

Both Friday, and Sunday runs were marred by some intestinal distress. I’m not sure if nutrition is to blame, or anything else. It’s been a bit frustrating, though. There were not many concrete takeaways from the past week. I’m disappointed my most recent streak ended. The streak ended at 19 days. I may try to re-start a streak. I’m still trying to identify the value in running streaks.


Monday: 3.06 easy recovery loop around Brooklyn Public Library. 8:50 average pace

Tuesday: 8.16 general aerobic. 8:43 average pace. The run felt really, really good. My HR remained in Zone 3 the entire run, as well!

Wednesday: 9.14 miles with Lactate Threshold intervals of 12:00, 10:00, and 8:00 (4:00 recovery). I’ve been struggling with tempo runs, and LT runs since my weight gain. This run was difficult, as tempos are, but better than they have been. I had trouble reaching the proper pace on the first interval, but for the second, and third I was able to hit my paces

Thursday: 3.1 recovery loop around Brooklyn Public Library. Was scheduled to run 9 miles, but didn’t have much energy.

Friday: 9.09 miles. 8:37 average pace. This was run as an endurance run (meaning pace, not HR is my guide). I had some intestinal issues. Stopped at McDonald’s on Empire, and on Fort Hamilton Parkway for some relief. Not sure what the issue was.

Saturday: Unschedule rest day. Hiked for two and a half hours at Blue Mountain in Peekskill.

Sunday: 9.33 miles. 8:40 average pace. This run was broken into 6 miles general aerobic, followed by 2 sets of 5X200m (with 200m recovery, and 3:00 jog between sets). I had to stop for the restroom at the McDonald’s on Parkside. Still not sure what my intestinal issues have been from. GA was mostly in Prospect Park, and speed session was at the Wingate Track. 

Stats from the streak:

Duration: 19 Days

Dates: May 15, 2017 to June 02, 2017

Total Distance: 114.7 mi

Distance/Day: 6.0 mi

Running Time: 18 hours 25 minutes 18 seconds


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