My Return

Hello dear readers: after a long hibernation, I have decided that I will attempt to revive this blog.

At the end of 2015, it seemed to me that 2016 was set to be my greatest running year of all time. I closed 2015 with PRs in the 5K, and 10K, and even more importantly, was finally able to break the 40:00 mark for the 10K. These shorter distance PRs were a result of my admittedly haphazard training which led to a PR in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

For a myriad of reasons, personal and professional, 2016 was not only the most difficult year of my life, it was also the worst year of my running life. Over the course of 2016’s 366 days I ran a meager 937.88 miles. I raced a few times, albeit poorly. While I hoped to improve on 2015, I instead gained 20 lbs, and stopped running with any consistency.

Fast forward to May 2017. As I sit typing, I’m weighing in at a tubby 192 lbs. But, 2017 is shaping up to be improved in all facets. Over the first 4 and a half months of this year, I have run significantly more than at any time in the past. I have had to temper my goals, as I attempt to return to fitness. It is much more difficult running a fast half marathon at 192, than it was at 172.

Goals for 2017 have been set. My resolve has been strengthened, and I intend to meet each of these goals:

Get weight down to 180 lbs.

5K – Faster than 19:47 (this was the time I ran my first sub 20:00 5K)

10K – Sub 41:00

1/2 Marathon – Sub 1:33:00

Marathon – Sub 3:20:00* (*if I decide to run a full marathon this year)

In terms of overall training volume, I am hoping to hit 2017 miles over the course of this year. In the past, I have never run more than 1835 miles in a year, but I’m currently fairly close to on pace.

So stay tuned, dear reader. 2017 is an auspicious year. Share in my success.


2015 in Review

2015 was a difficult year in running terms.  I started with a mileage goal of 2000 miles.  I ended well short of that goal: 1735(This will be out of italics when finalized).  This is the first time I have not run more than I did the year prior.

The year got off to a tough start.  January and February saw some of the coldest weather I have ever experienced.  Adding snow piled high to cover sidewalks, and roads that could barely handle vehicular traffic; the only option for running was late at night.  This happened less often than I would have liked.  These months did see some of my favorite runs of all time, though.  I have yet to outdo running in a blizzard, roads closed, past the lights of PPAC, and downtown Providence.  Past Brown students taking advantage of the next day’s cancelled classes and reveling on Hope Street, and returning with a frozen beard.

By March I recovered, and April and May went well.  June was okay.  July and August broke me.  The temperatures I was running in were significantly higher than they had been in years past.  The oppressive heat in humidity, both in Brooklyn, and Providence caused skipped runs.  It caused me to stop for breaks, and make acquaintance of Prospect Park’s benches and water fountains.

September and October were both mostly as planned.  Post marathon recovery in November was okay, and December started out well, but petered out.  All in all, I could have been much more committed to my training.  And, with the year’s results, I wonder what sort of difference it would have made.

Highlights:  I PRed in three of the four major distances:

  • Downtown Jingle 5K, Providence, RI: 19:16
  • Central Park Holiday Classic 10K: 39:38
  • Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon: 3:15:52


I really have been enjoying the 10K.  I’m hoping to do more this next year.  With these recent bests in mind, I now know my baseline fitness for 2016.  With no further ado, my goals for 2016:

  • Reach 168 lbs (This requires losing 10lbs)
  • Average 10 hours of exercise a week (running + cycling)
  • Run 1925 miles (2015 total + 10%)


  • 5K: sub-19:00
  • 10K: sub-39:00
  • Half: sub-1:29:00
  • Marathon: sub-3:10